OZ Minerals' UNIQ approach leads the way for girls in mining 

23rd April 2021

Not-for-profit UNIQ YOU is excited to announce OZ Minerals’ Prominent Hill operations as the first mining organisation to support the service, contributing to the momentum for change for the future of women in the mining sector.

Young people today are living in a time of rapid cultural change and gender power shifts within workplaces. However, according to the Federal Government’s Workplace Gender Equality Agency, gender diversity in the mining sector has increased just 1% in 2019-20, and, if this continues, future diversity growth will plummet.

Women’s representation needs to be championed in new and modern ways in under-represented sectors.

OZ Minerals General Manager, Prominent Hill, Gabrielle Iwanow, said, “At OZ Minerals, we believe creating an inclusive workplace where everyone feels welcome to be themselves is a material opportunity and inclusive behaviours are integrated into our How We Work Together principles.

We want to explore the role of initiatives like UNIQ YOU in creating a pipeline of future talent.

UNIQ YOU is showing girls the breadth of opportunities and rewarding careers that wait ahead from school, which is a goal we share and look forward to supporting,” she said.

UNIQ YOU CEO Tanya Meessmann is particularly proud to have the SA-based mining company supporting the QLD-based pilot program, as recognition of the wide-spread benefits of increased gender representation.

“OZ Minerals’ Prominent Hill operation’s support is a show of leadership, demonstrating clear understanding that diversity is not just a state-by-state issue, but one that should be at the forefront of our national agenda.” she says.

“All game-changing initiatives start somewhere, and while we have a rapid nation-expansion plan in place over the next 3 years, we’re especially buoyed by OZ Minerals’ belief in UNIQ YOU’s potential to significantly improve the rate of gender balance across multiple sectors.”

Inclusion and diversity are values which sit at the core of UNIQ YOU’s ground-breaking new service.  In its first year alone, UNIQ YOU aims to facilitate over 600 information-packed video calls between 600 Queensland high school girls and their Career Officers and over 100 female advisors working in industries and roles currently under-represented by women.

Industries such as the mining sector have faced consistent challenges in finding ways to break down harmful gender stereotypes and bring forward a new era of change. However, the introduction of this service, in alliance with OZ Minerals Prominent Hill operations, will see a movement that will join forces and touch the lives of girls and women all across Australia.

With comprehensive career advisory experience and unique industry opportunities, this program is dedicated to inspiring all to come and be part of the transforming mining industry.

About Prominent Hill operations:

Prominent Hill is a well-established underground copper, gold and silver mine located 650 km northwest of Adelaide in South Australia. Prominent Hill is currently operating in the lowest cost quartile globally and has delivered on its annual production guidance for the past six years. The positive findings of the Prominent Hill Expansion Study increase confidence in Prominent Hill’s longevity and ongoing performance.

Interested in significantly growing the pipeline of young women into your organisation?

We're currently inviting corporate partners onboard for the launch of UNIQ YOU - a ground-breaking new D&I service focused on increasing the number of high school girls considering and pursuing pathways into under-represented industries and roles.