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SOCIAL MEDIA & SCREEN habits wrecking havoc on your daughter's concentration span and moods?

Grab our best-selling Social Media Agreement Kit for just $27

Includes a customisable 2-page collaborative agreement along with a 4-part step-by-step instructional video series with tips and tricks on how to make these tech boundaries stick!

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FOCUS (Stress & Pressure) Online Program

The past 2 years have been a relentless onslaught of STRESS, PRESSURE and DEMOTIVATION for your daughter.

To support your daughter as she continues to navigate uncertainty and overwhelm, we've put together an online 'FOCUS' program which is ideal for girls in Grades 7-12 to give them immediately applicable tools and strategies that will help them manage their productivity and mental wellbeing throughout their life.

** HOT TIP FOR PARENTS: Well worth grabbing this course and taking it yourself so you can support your daughter throughout the year with helpful strategies and suggestions that really work! **

The course covers:

👉🏽 A pragmatic ‘situation analysis’ of what’s causing stress & pressure

👉🏽 To-do Listing and Prioritisation

👉🏽 Getting a handle on her time

👉🏽 Motivational support

👉🏽 ‘Cognitive Distortions’ – learning about unhelpful thinking patterns

👉🏽 Identifying personal values & objectives to encourage focus

👉🏽 Letting go, and the importance of sleep and spontaneity 

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What People Are Saying:

"Hi Tanya - Thank you for running the workshop yesterday, it was extremely helpful and I can't believe how much it has helped with my stress levels and perspective with my studies and goals already, especially heading into the future. I really believe that I can use this for the rest of my schooling, if not longer."

Emily, Grade 11.

"This course showed me that there are other people like me and that other people also become overwhelmed, stressed and anxious. Doing this course you can learn different strategies to get work done and study better and just how to be happier and healthier mentally."

Jemma, Grade 9