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Grab our 'Conversation Starter Kit' a 5-part online program to kick start important conversations with your daughter about topics such as fear, failure, pressure and motivation. 

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'My Words For You' Letters Template Kit & Masterclass

The right words to navigate arguments, fears and disconnection...at your fingertips 

A valuable kit to have to hand when navigating highly emotional moments with your daughter to open up a clear communication channel, increase confidence in expressing your emotions, and strengthen a beautiful, long lasting, powerful connection. 

The kit includes:

✅  A 60-min recorded masterclass '10 Key Communication Blockers' 

✅  6 templated letters, providing you with actual words, sentences and sentiments to use during key situations

  • Repairing your relationship after an argument 
  • Support her when she has friendship troubles 
  • Comfort her after experiencing failure 
  • Encouraging her when she is afraid to try 
  • Reconnect when she is distancing herself from you 
  • Reassuring her about unknowns in the future 

✅  Plus extra tips to use when writing to your daughter.   

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What People Are Saying:

With 3 daughters who's preferred communication style is through the written word, there are times when I struggle to find just the right words. The letters in the pack have provided me with just the right key phrases and messages I have been trying to say. Thanks for another great resource to put in my parenting toolkit!


These templates are exactly what I need. I have had no idea what or even how to write to my daughter. Sometimes it is difficult to express exactly how I am feeling and these templates provide me with a really great foundation.


They give a fantastic guideline on how to write a letter to our girls, validating them without them feeling judged or misunderstood. I have 2 daughters, one 11 and one 25, and honestly these can be written for both of my girls. Thank you what a wonderful resource to have.


These heartfelt letter templates are just divine!! They captured exactly how I felt and made it so easy for me to communicate to my three teens in a way that they understood.