Yurika powers up new UNIQ service connecting girls with female role models in the energy sector 

15th April 2021

 Queensland-based not-for-profit UNIQ YOU has proudly announced Yurika as a foundational sponsor today, continuing the overwhelming support for their ground-breaking new service committed to increasing the number of high school girls considering and pursing roles within industries currently under-represented by women.

Today, only 27.2% of electricity supply staff are women (WGEA 2021), a statistic that still has some way to go to reach a 50:50 target. 

UNIQ YOU Non-Executive Company Director and OACIS CEO, Matt Lee, is firm in his belief regarding the impact initiatives like UNIQ YOU will have. “If we don’t ensure there is a pipeline of young girls, both prepared and confident about joining the workforce, in under-represented industries and/or roles we just won’t move the dial on gender diversity.” he says. “The UNIQ YOU solution is long overdue to help schools, girls, Career Officers and corporations to build a female pipeline for the future."

Industries such as the energy sector have faced consistent challenges engaging girls in key areas of their businesses, however the introduction of this broad-reaching service that an engaging and comprehensive career advisory experience to and their guidance officers aims to change this trend.

Yurika’s Executive General Manager, Carly Irving, said they’re really looking forward to supporting a dedicated program that would help provide girls with wider career choices and inspire them to become part of the transformational energy industry.

“The utilities sector has about 22 per cent female participation overall, so there is a fantastic opportunity for us to encourage a higher number of women into the industry” she said.  

“Fundamental to our diversity and inclusion strategy is our aim is to create a place where everyone belongs and puts people at the heart of all we do.  We hope creating this diverse and inclusive culture will encourage more women to consider working in the energy industry.”

“Through this program, we’re looking forward to connecting teenage girls with motivational women who are recognised leaders in a range of fields including engineering, field operations and technology.” 

“Attracting and retaining new and emergent talent will ensure we’re well-placed for a sustainable and successful future that enables innovation, better problem solving and improved business results. We’re really looking forward to the many benefits that this partnership will offer us.”  

In its first year alone, UNIQ YOU aims to facilitate over 600 information-packed video calls between 600 high school girls and their Career Officers and over 100 female advisors working in industries and roles currently under-represented by women during the first 12 months of operation in Queensland.

As participating sponsors in the initiative, companies like Yurika will be able to offer a number of their female staff the opportunity to ‘give back’ by advising high school girls 1:1 about their experiences, pathways and on-site insights, while simultaneously increasing the quality of pathway information being made available to career and guidance officers. 

By applying a meaningful focus on girls during their high school journey, companies seeking to increase their female participation in their overall staff can provide critical and effective opportunities for students to forge exciting and previously unknown career pathways.

Contact CEO Tanya Meessmann for more information: [email protected]  

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