10 Strategies to Successfully Navigate Conversations with Your Daughter

(...and 'say the right thing'!)

Struggling to find the right words, approach, or time to have genuine and connected conversations with your daughter?


This resource provides 10 quick-win strategies for parents who want to build (or rebuild) their connection with their daughter through better communication.


In this free guide you'll find:

  • 10 immediate strategies you can use to navigate conversations with your daughter
  • Advice on how to 'say the right thing' in the right circumstances
  • Our additional 'Gap and Nudge' tactic to implement for ongoing progress

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Meet Tanya Meessmann,

Founder of Girl Shaped Flames

As a communication expert, parent and youth mentor who has engaged with over 3000 teenage girls as the founder of Girl Shaped Flames, I am acutely aware of the critical role communication plays in solidifying relationships between parents and their daughters.

This guide provides a selection of tried-and-tested strategies for you to take your first step toward cracking open those communication channels with your daughter.