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Transform your daughter's MOTIVATION, FOCUS and CONFIDENCE for her studies (and life!) in under 4 hours.

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Are you worried about your daughter's inability to focus? You're not alone.

Thanks to social media and the increased interactivity of day to day life, teenagers today are demonstrating the shortest concentration span of any generation to date.

Throw in a pandemic and it's no wonder your daughter is struggling to stay on task. 

But the ability to stave off distractions, disconnect from her online world and stay motivated is one that will help her well beyond her school years. 



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An easy-to-follow 7-module online program delivered by Productivity and Youth Expert Tanya Meessmann, and packed with tools, strategies, exercises and worksheets that will transform how your daughter tackles competing priorities at school, and in life.  

Tools & Strategies She'll Take Away

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Timeblocking – ‘Where is all of my time going?'

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To-do listing & Prioritisation

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Motivational Factors & OOS (Optimal Operational State)

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The ’10 Minute Kicker Trick’

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Quick Wins

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Goal Setting


Not convinced your daughter will sit through an online program?
We hear you. 

We've worked with thousands of teen girls, all the way through COVID, and we know that online learning isn't for all of them. 🤷‍♀️

But we also know what it feels like as a parent to watch her struggling and feel powerless to help.  That's why we encourage all parents to whip through the program themselves.

You can knock it over in under 4 hours and finish it equipped with a raft of new tools and strategies you can turn to, to build your daughter's focus, motivation and productivity yourself! 

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We take your daughter through...

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Helping your daughter understand where she's at (stress-wise)

  • Identify stressors and time-sucking activities
  • A new perspective on 'problem areas'
  • Recognising when stress becomes overwhelm (and what to do)
  • Two brainstorming activities
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Skills to wrap her head around competing priorities & time management

  • Tanya shares the industry secrets to to-do listing and prioritisation
  • Develop a system that can be applied every term or exam block
  • Easy productivity hacks
  • 30 minute 'quick wins'
  • Comprehensive step-by-step time-blocking method used by 1000's of professional women
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Harnessing motivation and designing her environment for focus & success

  • Identify what motivates and demotivates her
  • Discover the power to control her environment in the most beneficial way
  • Creating your Optimal Operating State (O.O.S) for success
  • Managing and minimising distractions
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In the words of Elsa:
Let(ing) It Go

  • Develop the ability to put things in perspective
  • Be able to identify what to stress about, and what not to!
  • Find ways to depressurise and get back on track after a focus 'blow-out'
  • Walk away with a life-long tool kit to manage stress, pressure, and overwhlem.

Help your daughter train her focus and feel less anxious in her studies >>



Take a sneak peek inside...

This Program WORKS

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If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed with school, or feeling Like you're getting nothing done, I would definitely recommend this workshop to you. Tanya's techniques have significantly increased my productivity Levels and time-management skills in studying and completing schoolwork and I definitely walked away from the workshop feeling more on top of things. 

El, Year 10

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Having these strategies absolutely makes me feel more in control and Less stressed. The ones I'm using the most are the "To Do List" and the "Quick Wins" and I also figured out my "OOS" which I'm has made such a difference!

Saga, Year 12

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I really enjoyed the workshop! Using the '10 Minute Kick' really helps to at Least get started, and I'm finding I'm getting more done than intended. I also now get more done in a shorter amount of time because I take breaks and make a List in order of priority. I feel more in control of what I have to do. You won't regret going - it really helps with being efficient in getting work done!

Vienna, Year 8

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Meet your facilitator

Hi, I'm Tanya Meessmann.

And I'm no stranger to focus and motivation. I've led a highly successful (and pressurised!) career for over two decades in both high-end advertising agencies and multi-million dollar feature film productions, internationally (UK, Geneva, Dubai, Paris, Dublin) on large scale communication projects for top level accounts for Nokia, Virgin, and Visa and then managing highly intricate film projects as Head of Production at a feature film company in Sydney.

After witnessing the critical need for today’s teen girls to boost their confidence and take control of their lives with practical personal skills, Tanya has dedicated the last five years to mentoring high school girls, building their confidence and skills through the highly successful: Girl Shaped Flames.

Normally $198



✔️ 7-Module Online Self-paced Course
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Why is the ability to focus critical?

In order for anyone to reach their full potential, they need to break through, leap over or navigate the things that stand in their way. For GenZ girls, one of those key barriers is stress, overwhelm and the subsequent affects on both their productivity and their mental health.

Stress is affecting our young girls: 64% of Australian girls feel very anxious even if they are well prepared for a test (compared to 47% of Australian boys and an international average of 56%).

One-in-two students display worrying levels of stress, with the number one source of pressure coming from themselves.

Young girls need the tools, strategies and skills to effectively manage stress and pressure: the inability to cope with stress has been shown to have a significant impact on academic performance, student engagement, dropout rates, and overall mental health and wellbeing.