Help your daughter overcome her Fear of Failure today

Five immediately-applicable strategies to help her say 'yes' to scary things.

Is your daughter is holding back from trying new things, or has increased anxiety due to her FEAR OF FAILURE?

Youth Expert and founder of Girl Shaped Flames provides 5 techniques you can use right away to support your daughter through fear and into confidence!


In this set of 5 Free Videos Tanya covers::

  • Exactly what you can do and say BEFORE she does something scary
  • How to coach her through the moment
  • And your best tactics to support her after she has experienced a failure

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Meet Tanya Meessmann,

Founder of Girl Shaped Flames

As a communication expert, parent and youth mentor who has engaged with over 3000 teenage girls as the founder of Girl Shaped Flames, I am acutely aware of the critical role communication plays in solidifying relationships between parents and their daughters.

This guide provides a selection of tried-and-tested strategies for you to take your first step toward cracking open those communication channels with your daughter.